Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20, 2011

Thandie Newton is about as relevant as poop dangling from a stick, but she's sort of hot, and when hot chicks pass gas, I find that funny.  Just a reminder to everyone out there, even hot chicks are human.

Thandie Newton caused a stink on the set of Mission Impossible II after playing a prank on the cast and crew.
The British actress admits her most embarrassing moment was breaking wind on the Australian set of the 2000 action movie - and she was more than happy to let a crowd of extras take the blame for the mishap.
Speaking on Britain's Comic Relief, she says, "I was in Australia filming Mission Impossible II with Tom Cruise and I had a scene where we were filming in a racetrack, we were up in the stands, and it was me and about 200 extras.
"I'd eaten something that morning which hadn't agreed with me and I got on set and I'm with all the extras and I decide that I'm going to have to let one go, it's too uncomfortable. So I demurely let one slide out, just to see how it goes...
"I can feel the ripple of this stench, and very quickly - I'm of course looking around going 'Oh for God's sake' - I can hear people going, 'God, someone go to the dunny (toilet). For goodness sake, we've got Thandie Newton in our presence!'"